Whole Life Series: PREORDER Delivery 6/1. Choose your roast.

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For preorder is one ultra-premium quality 12oz, pre-ground & infused hemp extract (500mg) coffee exclusively from Ground Up. 

Your choice of roast (please email us upon purchasing):

1. The Daily Grind - True Medium Roast Blend

2. Rise and Grind - Gold Roast Blend

3. GroundWork - Pitch Dark Roast Blend

The coffee that made us famous, now, with a boost.

Fortified with 500mg of hemp extract per 12oz bag, our Whole Life Series is the ultimate fuel to your grind. 

Serving Suggestion:

10 grams per 8oz of coffee. We recommend brewing with a French Press.

Each 10 gram cup yields approximately 15mgs of CBD per serving. 

Our process includes grinding coffee in small batches, mixing our pure hemp extract directly and evenly in each roast and nitro-flushing each bag for peak freshness and maximum flavor.