S.O Red Honey Nicaragua - Finca Las Brumas


About Finca Las Brumas

The Las Brumas farm was established in 2014 by the Paguaga family. Las Brumas is located in the San Fernando mountains of the Nueva Segovia, Dipilto region. Most of the terrain is rugged and mountainous. The terroir has not been disturbed in its natural state, covered by a lush forest of pine trees and other native trees to the area where monkeys, birds and other native animals live freely.

• Elevation: 1,250 - 1,350 meters ASL
• Varietals: Caturra and Catuai yellow and red 
• Processes: hand wash, natural, honey; Sun drying on elevated beds 
• Harvest: January - April 
• Location: San Fernando, Nicaragua (N13 45,400 W86 20,735)

Processes: Wet, Dry, and QC

*The wet Process is done by hand in Las Brumas. The coffee cherry is measured  and pulped without water then fermented between 15 and 24 hours. After  fermentation, the beans are sent to the Santa Lucila Dry Mill located in Ocotal,  Nueva Segovia Dipilto. 

* The dry process In the Santa Lucila Mill consists of drying the beans down to 11  degrees of humidity on African beds. After this, the beans are stored in cellars  where they are homogenized. The beans are retrieved only when orders are  received and involves hand-selecting only the top export quality for consumption.

The top quality coffee then goes through another layer of quality control through a specialized electronic machine to remove any imperfections. The beans are yet  again inspected by hand to further mitigate any imperfections that have remained. 

* The Paguaga family are their own exporter and the coffee exports are made  directly from the Santa Lucila Mill to the final customer they have directly made  purchase agreements with.

Cup Characteristics

This coffee has special attributes due to its microclimate and particular, unadulterated terrain. In cupping you first experience a variety of bright floral fragrances. The first sip will strike deep flavors of red apple and caramel. Baker's chocolate, tart cherry and residual tropical fruits then follow in the middle. The cup leaves the palate clean in a dry, sweet riesling-like finish.

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