*Exclusive S.O.* Ethiopian Longberry Harrar 12oz Whole Bean [currently in stock]


Looking for a truly unique and special coffee experience?

Look no further than our Ground Up Exclusive Single Origin Collection, featuring our Ethiopian Longberry Harrar from Shenan Village-West Harrar.


Sourced from a local woman, Razia Yussuf, this 100% Arabica and Abadir variety coffee is known for its exceptional quality and flavor profile. With notes of berry and spice and a bright, clean finish, this coffee is highly sought after by connoisseurs and used in high-end cafes and restaurants.

Grown in small plots on smallholder farms, our Longberry Harrar is hand-picked during the peak harvest season between September and December, ensuring only the ripest cherries are selected for processing.

After sun-drying on raised beds and undergoing traditional hand or machine-pulping, fermentation, and sorting processes, the result is a coffee that reflects the unique cultural and agricultural heritage of the West Harrar region.

With a rich and full flavor profile boasting unique blueberry and chocolate notes, soft spice undertones, and a smooth body and mild acidity, our Ethiopian Longberry Harrar is a truly unforgettable cup. So why wait?

Experience the passion and dedication of the families who grow and process our coffee and taste the beautiful land they call home with each and every sip. Order yours today and join us on a journey of flavor and tradition.

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