GroundWork - Dark Roast - Batch Brewed Coffee

Bold + Concentrated + Consistent = GroundWork
A bold, full-bodied cup that holds its integrity all throughout.
Features base notes of dark cherry, cocoa, and hazelnut with soft undertones of vanilla, berries, and a montblanc cake finish.

Lay the GroundWork.

What do the Seven Wonders of the World and most successful and celebrated people have in common?

A solid foundation.

Impenetrable and resolute in form and function.

Developed by bona-fide GroundWork until the vision comes to fruition.

GroundWork is simple in theory, but only the tenacious follow through day in and day out.

Work past the traditional 9 to 5.

Work that burns the midnight oil.

Work that demands sacrifice.

Work that few are up for.

Work that embodies  Ground Up.

Bold + Concentrated + Consistent = GroundWork

The formula for a solid foundation and what all monuments and legacies are built upon.

Lay the GroundWork and build yours.

#GroundWork #GroundUpCoffee

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