Hario V60 Size #01 Porcelain Coffee Dripper, Glass Server, Measuring Spoon, and Filters VDS-3012R


The Hario V60 coffee dripper brewing method is world-renowned so you can be confident you're brewing a deliciously clean cup of coffee every time you use this Hario V60 size 01 red porcelain coffee dripper, glass server, measuring spoon, and filters!

The cone-shaped design allows the water to flow through the unbleached, natural filter to the center of the dripper where it has more time in contact with the coffee grounds. The spiral ribs on the dripper allow air to escape while brewing so the coffee beans have more room to expand and provide greater extraction. This method allows the coffee's deep, rich umami flavors to seep into your cup, and the finely woven filter creates a clean, smooth extraction.

The convenience of having this set allows you to save time and ensure the coffee stays hot longer. The red plastic measuring spoon is perfect for scooping coffee beans and grounds when you're brewing V60-style coffee, and the simple design makes it easy to use and even easier to clean.

The server is made of durable, heatproof glass and the dripper is constructed with sturdy porcelain, so you can be sure they are built to withstand the hustle and bustle of your busy establishment. When you're finished brewing, remove the dripper and use the coffee server to pour your guests freshly brewed coffee. It features measurement markings on the side so you can brew and pour precise amounts of coffee based on how many cups you need, enabling you to serve your guests quickly and accurately.

Plus, the durable, polypropylene plastic handle provides a firm grip to prevent spills when rushing about a busy room. The beautiful red color is eye-catching and adds a delightful pop of color to your coffee servings! Brew deliciously rich coffee for your customers at your coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, or coffee truck using this Hario V60 coffee set!

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